Indian Hill

by Indian Hill

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released March 31, 2013

Written by Kenneth Lee Ray & Novica Bozunovich.
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Novica Bozunovich
Artwork by Alex LeGolvan



all rights reserved


Indian Hill Los Angeles, California

Indian Hill is Kenneth Lee Ray and Novica Bozunovich. Unofficially formed somewhere in early 2000, Kenny and Novica have been writing songs together for each other.

Now, some of these songs are available to you!

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Track Name: Valentine
I just keep my feet movin' everywhere
Keep my feet movin' everywhere
I don't know if I can
make a plan to where I'm goin'

Jodie got married on a Saturday
She said darlin' you should stay
to see the wedding cake
I don't know if I can
with your man starin' at me
with his long boots of leather.

Grab another drink
and I toss my wine
I'm lookin' around for a Valentine
There she is, dressed in red
Ready for bed and you know
that I gotta keep movin'


Sunday, sunny day, what a day
That's when I knew it would be ok
There she is, polka dot queen
Walkin' down the street and
you know that my
day just got better

Drinkin' in the park until it's dark
Singin' and dancin'
and fallin' down
that's the way I spend my day
And you know that I
gotta keep movin'.

Track Name: Loom
She picks flowers in the valley
waiting for her King to call.
But her heart lies with the peasant
where the creatures crawl.
Though her days are filled with sunshine
she will surely feel the rain.

Children walking through the forrest
playing games, such a delight
None of them would ever dare to
take that path at night.
When you see the shadows move
out of the corner of your eye
you'll be running for the day

The present lies so far along than
how we've made our way to look back wanting what is
lost in sullen gray.

So far away and lost as up a golden coin
is tossed it all makes sense beyond repose now anyway.

Wisemen gathered in the courtyard
open eyes and open minds
Looking only to the future
through the sands of time.
When you see the Earth moving
you will understand it's ways
Track Name: Lights In France
I've seen the streets, I've seen the bars
I've spend my time smoking old cigars
I've made some time with women that would make you shake.
And as I walk along I find myself all alone again
That boulevard will make you feel at home again

The lights in France are so pretty
Way down south
You will find, lost and lonesome piece of mind
Lost in love but love is hell
You better run

At a street cafe in the center of town
I watch the bikes as the sun goes down
I share a glass of wine with the demoiselle
As I walk back home to my hotel and
The evening lights put on their spell
I could take my last breath and die this way.

The lights in France...

Little man, guitar in hand
Plays songs of love for his Motherland
His eyes they close and
His heart is made of solid gold
All my sins, they wash away
As the violins begin to play
I just close my eyes
Now I'm hear to stay

The lights in France...
Track Name: Coco Gem
History retraced
Forgotten destinations
Saddles wet from rain
Barely made the sunset.
Track Name: Night Of The Sun
I woke up with the sunshine in my cup.
A thousand faces appeared in the dust
Night of the sun in the blink of an eye.

The stars will shine so bright tonight my love.
Night of the sunshine.

Ms. Lazy Lizard, you serve the silver tray
And all who surround you, they let you make your way.
Night of the sun in the blink of an eye.
Track Name: Wine & Cigarettes
There she lies in the roses
Wondering why I lie
Then one day, looking at me
She will finally realize my only love is...

Wine and cigarettes

Won't you give me a minute
Time to ease your mind
Things in life, we can't explain
Won't you sit by me now
You'll learn to love this

Wine and cigarettes
Track Name: Broke
The saddest clown that you've ever seen
Laughs and smile so the kids can see
But then he kills himself

An ugly girl with an ugly face
Runs back home to find her place
it's not at home.

It's your green eyes that keep me alive
Otherwise I would probably die
Die today

And in the night when the darkness comes
You tell me you're the only one.
That feels this way.

Oh little darling don't be so sad.
Oh little darling we are that mad.